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Club Rules & Flags

From 2018, Dalby Kart Club will follow “Play by the Rules” guidelines for general behavior at our track, as detailed here:


By entering Dalby Kart Track, you automatically agree to the following conditions:

  1. If an incident occurs, one warning will be given by the Clerk of Course.
  2. If an incident re-occurs, person will be asked to leave the grounds and not return for the day.
  3. No refunds, no further penalties. Clerk of Course decision is final.



Our Flags

  Green Flag – Starting Flag


Race commences at the drop of the flag. This flag may also be waved after the yellow flag to show the track has been cleared of any dangers and drivers can

proceed at racing speeds.

      Yellow Flag


           Stationary – Caution – drivers need to reduce speed, no overtaking

           Waved – Extreme Caution – drivers need to reduce speed quickly, no overtaking. Be prepared to stop.

No overtaking is allowed under the yellow flag/lights.

           Red Flag


The red flag is waved to signal the race has been stopped due to either poor conditions, a serious accident or inappropriate racing. Drivers should stop immediately and return to the pits at a slow speed when directed

          White Flag – One Lap to Go


The White Flag is displayed when the leading Kart commences the final lap. The white flag shall be shown to all competitors until the lead kart receives the chequered flag.

          Black Flag


The Black Flag indicates poor sportsmanship or mechanical damage. The driver shall immediately return to the pits or stop where directed by the flag controller.

          Blue Flag

           passing plain blue

The blue flag indicates that there is a faster kart behind you. Hold your line and let the faster kart pass.

          Chequered Flag


The Chequered Flag will be displayed at the completion of the race, practice or qualifying session.

Once a kart has taken the Chequered flag they shall not pass any karts still competing.

The Dalby Kart Club uses the Green and Yellow lights, situated at the end of the front straight for starting races.

The Race starter/Controller may also use the Green Flag in conjunction with the lights.

During Night Meets and various day meetings, the flag points are also controlled by the Red and Yellow flashing lights, the use of these lights sees the same meaning as their respective Flag colours.

   Pit Rules
There will be NO SMOKING in the pits at all times.
There will be NO DRINKING of alcohol in the pits until all racing is finished.
No road or Tow vehicles are permitted in the pit area unless for works to ensure continuation of the meeting.
Any persons caught fighting/harassing or discriminating behavior of any type will not be tolerated and person will be ejected from the meeting.
No kart shall be refueled, oiled or worked on in the pit marshaling area.
All drivers must be registered (entry fees paid) and display the correct sticker on the drivers helmet before entering the track for racing.

• All Karts must be in a race worthy state.
• Kart owners will ensure their karts comply with the clubs scrutineering Form and will be signed off by the Kart Owner.
• All persons will obey the directives of the “Clerk of the Course” and “Race Controller” at all times.
• All flags/flag lists displayed must be obeyed at all times.
• All competitors shall were as a minimum: a long sleeve shirt, long pants and closed in shoes.
• Neck-wrist-ankle coverage
• Approved race suits/1 piece overalls covering neck-wrist-ankle are permitted.
• Persons are asked not to use motocross nylon clothing due to the friction should the driver find themselves dislodged from the kart and sliding on dirt or concrete.
• A full face helmet, with visor (clear or tinted), is required. Visor must be in down position when on the track. No glasses or goggles will be accepted from Jan 2020.
• All competitors under the age of 16 shall wear an approved AKA style neck brace that fits the child correctly. (the use of adult neck braces on children is forbidden).
• Deliberately pushing and shoving during warm up laps will see the driver removed from the race.
• Race line-up will be as per the pit marshaling line-up
• Any karts outside of their marshaling line up position by 2 rows will revert to the rear of the field.
• During races for Junior/Rookie classes a Parent/Helper shall be present on all corners prior to the race starting.
• In the case of an accident or stalled engine, all juniors/rookies should remain in the kart with their arm raised until help arrives. (Restarting of Juniors/Rookies shall be at the discretion of the   corner helper)
Breakdowns during racing or designated practice. –
• Drivers shall ensure that their kart and themselves are in a safe place for the remainder of the race.
• No repairs, replacing of chains etc shall be permitted on the circuit during a race.
• All drivers of Karts (except Juniors/Rookies) that leave the circuit and dislodge tyres shall ensure that the tyres are replaced to their original position.
• (Track helpers/parents are responsible for that area shall replace dislodged tyres on the child/kart and area are made safe.

In the event of a serious accident do not try to remove a drivers helmet, the driver should remove their own helmet.
Helmets should not be removed at all if neck or back pain is present. Seek medical advice first.
Helmets shall only be removed from an unconscious driver if the driver is having difficulties breathing or a clear airway cannot be established.
Should an ambulance be required please dial 000.

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