Dalby Kart Club



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Our Address

122 Dennis Street (P O Box 1129)
Dalby, QLD

Enquiries: New committee from 24 Sep 2022

Allan Taken  (President) Ph 0455 785 501

Email: info@dalbykartclub.com

For our Members wishing to gain access to the track, there is a PIN operated LOCKBOX at the gate. Only financial club members are assigned gate key PINs upon request. Each PIN is unique to each member, and entry to the box is logged by time and date.

The key must be returned to the lock box, and  is “logged out” to the unique PIN number entered, until returned. This means the last PIN number entered is responsible if the key were to go missing.

The gate key only opens the front gate, and the toilets. The gate key will NOT open the canteen or container.

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