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Welcome to the official website of the Dalby Kart Club,

The club’s track is located off Dennis St Dalby.

Dalby is located  in what is known as the Western Downs of QLD, approximately 2 ½ hours west of Brisbane.

The track was originally constructed in early 1980’s and was a dirt based circuit where it hosted the AKA Dirt nationals along with a couple of Qld Dirt Titles,

Nowadays the track is not affiliated with the AKA or any other associations, it is run entirely from its Dalby base, the track eventually went to concrete corners and dirt straights.

In 2012 a major sponsorship initiative between the club, Peabody Wilkie Creek Mine, JavPac Industries, Foztrax Earth Movers and Keltic Concreting saw the track 80% coated with concrete which was chosen due to the black soil and other movable soils of the area.

Going forward the aim will be for the track to be an all weather track with the final 1 short section of the dirt base replaced with concrete.

At present the length is approximately 580 meters in length with the average lap time of 30 + seconds, even though the tracks length may be short the layout lends it’s self to being an equaliser between classes allowing 4 strokes 2 stokes air and water cooled to mix it up.

We run various classes from kids through to adults.

The Track is also one of the few tracks that has flood lights enabling night racing,

Please visit the calendar for the years events, summer meets are Saturday Nights and winter meets are Sunday Day events.

The Club prides its self on being a family club where all karts are not afraid to help one another. Rules are very basic but the safety of all persons and Karters will always be at  forefront.

Whilst the club may seem to be just a place for karters to have fun we will continue to aim the club towards the children and youth of today to teach and show that there are other places than our public roads for speed.

Being a small country town and a motor-sport club we have found over time the available companies willing to support the community and its cause to be ever dwindling, again the club extends a great thank you to Peabody / Javpac / Foztrax / Keltic Concreters for their support.

Before you close out the window please visit our sponsors page and see if there are any ways they can help you.

Come and Join us for some fun, action and family time.


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